Enhance productivity and security of your Microsoft EMS/Intune deployment

Deploy and manage Office 365 apps with optimized security features.

Organizations are deploying Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security/Intune (MS EMS/Intune) to manage their Office 365 (O365) apps. Citrix Endpoint Management uniquely provides administrators with the capabilities they need to provide enhanced security and increase end user productivity.

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Augment the security of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security/Intune. Set mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) policies to trigger automated actions for context-aware and action-oriented security.

Citrix Endpoint Management MicroVPN tunnel grants users with secure access to on-premises resources behind the firewall for Intune- and EMS-enabled apps, including O365 and other line of business apps. Without requiring additional logins, the mobile experience improves for end users and boosts productivity.

Overcome the challenge associated with cloud-based email proxies. Citrix Secure Mail for Intune honors Intune app protection policies, even when the Microsoft Exchange server is on premises. IT can block individual devices or operating systems, customize ActiveSync policies based on devices, users or group of users, quarantine at the device level, or monitor individual connections or devices. Use Secure Mail to access email on mobile devices direct from Exchange, eliminating data and credential caching. Instead, benefit from double encryption and access more than 60 MAM policies.

Integrate Citrix Secure Mail, and other Citrix Endpoint Management apps, with Microsoft Office apps for productivity and intuitive workflows while maintaining document encryption. Together with Intune app protection, Secure Mail works seamlessly with Office 365 apps, so end users can enjoy productivity enhancements like native integration and single-sign-on to corporate data for Intune-managed apps.

Multi-containerization eliminates the need for two separate MAM solutions to manage Office 365 and Citrix Endpoint Management apps. Manage, deploy, and configure Office 365 apps from within the Citrix Cloud console without having to go into the Intune or Azure portal. This gives you a unified single pane to not just view, but manage all applications within your Citrix Workspace.

Citrix product

Citrix Endpoint Management

  • Manage, deploy, and configure Office 365 apps from a single console within Citrix Cloud.
  • Enforce MAM policies for on premises-based Microsoft Exchange email that monitors, filters or blocks individual connections or devices from accessing email.
  • Containerize workflows between MS EMS/Intune-enabled apps and Citrix Endpoint Management apps.