Securely deliver enterprise apps to mobile users

For many organizations, native enterprise mobile productivity apps lack the business features users need most. Managing these apps across different platforms is complex, and the security measures to protect the applications can vary. In addition, IT requires visibility into all supported platforms and the apps and data they contain.

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Citrix Endpoint Management offers the most complete solution for secure enterprise apps. Support everyday business workflows with these integrated applications:

  • Citrix Secure Mail for email, calendar, and contacts is an enterprise-grade mobile solution that includes an additional layer of encryption for added security.
  • Citrix Workspace app gives users a secure, contextual, unified workspace on any device. Give teams instant access to all their SaaS and web apps, files, mobile apps, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops from a simple, all-in-one interface powered by Citrix Workspace services. 
  • Citrix Secure Web provides secure web browsing for the enterprise. Users get on-the-go access to corporate intranet and web, and IT can manage the app with security policies.
  • Citrix Content Collaboration offers Citrix Files, a secure enterprise file sync and sharing service that combines the convenience of a personal file-sharing service with features to increase productivity and provide increased security. 
  • QuickEdit is an editing tool that allows you to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations all from your mobile device.

Microsoft Office 365 gives users the ability to seamlessly access Word, Excel, Exchange, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft applications that are critical to business anywhere they go, on any device.

Citrix Endpoint Management enables IT to provide protection for corporate apps, as well isolation from personal apps on users’ mobile devices. Selectively wipe corporate apps and data from mobile devices without impacting the user’s personal device settings.

Distribute public Office apps using the Citrix Endpoint Management store. The Citrix Endpoint Management store can contain any app that the organization wishes to make available to its users. Because the Office apps are managed apps, the admin has full ability to publish and revoke privileges to users.

Protect data at rest on the device by enabling data-at-rest and data-in-motion security using per-app VPN with Citrix ADC. The same Citrix ADC used for Citrix Secure Mail and other Citrix Endpoint Management apps can also be used for O365.

Provide painless navigation across Citrix branded and Citrix managed applications on a mobile device. Citrix Endpoint Management provides 3rd party mobile SSO to connect users to all of their mobile apps with a seamless and consistent experience across any device.

Once authenticated into the Citrix Workspace App, end users can launch a Citrix mobile productivity app or a Citrix managed 3rd party app and complete enrollment without additional manual authentication: simplifying enrollment and eliminating the need for additional user names and passwords.

Citrix product

Citrix Endpoint Management

  • Keep data secure by containerizing company data from personal app data.
  • Enable seamless integration with MDX-enabled apps, ensuring data and resources can only be accessed by IT-sanctioned, MDX-enabled apps.
  • Securely deliver Office 365 and other mobile apps to authorized and compliant mobile devices.