Intel and Citrix Octoblu

Intel teams up with Citrix to change the way you integrate the Internet of Everything

Infographic: The Internet of [Too Many] Things

Together, Intel and Citrix make it easy for enterprises to overcome the key barriers of implementing an IoT strategy, including setup complexity and data security. Our seamless and scalable IoT solutions allow you to quickly develop a strategy and implementation path to take advantage of the enormous benefits that IoT can offer. This allows you to claim your share of the more than 2 trillion projected annual net profits expected from the IoT revolution in 2020.

Octoblu and Intel: Breaking the Barriers to IoT

With an easy-to-use solution for deploying IoT at an industrial scale, Citrix and Intel have made it simple for your business to leverage IoT to boost productivity and efficiency as you take advantage of the next technological revolution. Citrix Octoblu software helps companies create IoT services with secure real-time exchange of data, while the Intel® IoT Gateway offers a hardware gateway with built-in security and management features. The entire Octoblu stack can run on a single Intel IoT Gateway, simplifying intelligent sensor deployment, management, and scale. Together, these technologies let companies easily implement powerful IoT solutions.

Octoblu and Intel Enable the Smarter Store

From e-tags to ad panels, the possibilities for retail IoT are almost endless, and the bottom line impact could be huge. Some experts predict that IoT could have a total potential economic impact in the retail sector of up to $1.2 trillion per year by 2025. IoT for retail enables a world where connected things help you engage customers, boost efficiency, and maximize sales in a whole new and personalized way. Thanks to recent innovations from Intel and Citrix, you can turn retail IoT solutions into reality sooner and more easily than imagined.

Creating a Smarter Office with the Integration of Everything

IoT is becoming an increasingly critical component of the enterprise IT strategy. Together Citrix and Intel provide a powerful solution for automating, monitoring, and analyzing the mobile workspace, enabling your enterprises to optimize technology infrastructure to build tomorrow’s interconnected, seamless and profitable IoT world. From the conference room to the data center and the remote office, IoT is creating the Future of Work, streamlining efficiency and augmenting productivity at both the individual and company-wide level.

The Future of IoT in Education 

The impact of IOT will transform not only the enterprise and customer experience across industries, but also will reshape the future of education. Smarter, connected classrooms will allow students and faculty to enjoy a more interactive, seamless and productive learning environment. Learn more about how Citrix and Intel are transforming the future of Education with Citrix Project Minerva and the Intel IOT Gateway.