Improve application performance for mobile, remote, and branch users

As more companies embrace mobility, the need arises to ensure application performance for mobile, remote, and branch users. Network speed, reliability, and security are crucial. These factors are strained because of the media richness of today’s applications, app proliferation, increased users, and large video files that tie up network bandwidth. Organizations need application acceleration and WAN optimization solutions to ensure secure, reliable performance for all users.

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Citrix ADC is designed to streamline and optimize the app experience. That means greater productivity, user satisfaction, and efficiencies.

As applications extend over the web and cloud, they leverage TCP/IP as the base protocol, which can lead to dropped connections or very low app delivery speeds. Citrix ADC optimizes these applications over many types of networks. Default settings for TCP optimization, known as TCP profiles, can be modified to account for TCP window scaling or selective acknowledgement. This provides maximum packet transmission for accelerated application delivery.

Citrix ADC is also able to provide connection multiplexing for TCP and SQL connections, enabling superior server and database operational efficiency. With its compression mechanisms and cache application data packets, Citrix ADC ensures the best user experience for applications over mobile and cloud networks.

Beyond optimizing applications at the data center, companies need to optimize their WAN capacity as well. Citrix SD-WAN is an effective tool to improve app performance for branch or mobile scenarios. It allows organizations to software-define their WAN, providing optimizations such as more throughput, lower costs, and added reliability, while supporting the shift to cloud-based applications. The Citrix SD-WAN solution can help in the following areas:

  • WAN virtualization. Ensure reliable delivery of high-priority application traffic, while also providing more bandwidth available to applications. With the ability to bond multiple WAN links, Citrix SD-WAN creates a single, secure, logical link, offering expanded WAN capacity that dynamically adapts to network conditions. This ensures that applications perform during a blackout or brownout on a particular WAN link.
  • Application acceleration. By optimizing Citrix ICA traffic and storage replication, Citrix SD-WAN supports up to four times as many virtual app and desktop users. Citrix SD-WAN accelerator technology also improves performance of Microsoft apps such as Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint, as well as any TCP-based application.
  • Video optimization. Each year, video consumption grows by 25 percent within enterprises. Through its caching capabilities, Citrix SD-WAN can reduce WAN bandwidth demand for internal and external video content at branch offices.
  • Branch service delivery. The Citrix SD-WAN product family offers features that simplify branch office IT and allow IT to securely deploy an Active Directory database at branch offices, using a read-only domain controller.
  • Visibility and insight. Citrix SD-WAN allows you to monitor application delivery through reporting and measurement features. These tools help you understand application performance to improve troubleshooting and bandwidth management, and to accelerate application delivery.

When it comes to application performance over bandwidth-constrained WAN or mobile networks, Citrix offers solutions to accelerate apps, improve user experience, and lower operating costs. Protect your infrastructure investments and increase productivity for mobile, remote and branch users with Citrix ADC and Citrix SD-WAN.

Citrix products

Citrix SD-WAN

  • Bonds multiple WAN links to create a single, secure, logical path
  • Provides WAN optimization and acceleration to support up to 4 times as many virtual app and desktop users
  • Reduces WAN bandwidth demand and simplifies IT at the branch level
  • Monitors, diagnoses, and troubleshoots app delivery issues

Citrix ADC

  • Compresses data to improve the delivery process and provide application acceleration
  • Caches frequently accessed files, freeing up servers for more critical tasks
  • Uses modification techniques to improve delivery over bandwidth-constrained mobile networks
  • Provides faster app performance and up to 20 times higher database performance