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The age of 5G and IoT is coming, and communication service providers need to be able to easily deploy high performance, highly scalable, network services which drive customer experience and generate new revenue streams. TCP optimization, video optimization and CGNAT are examples of such services.

At the same time service-providers are evolving to a new type of network architecture called Network Function Virtualization (NFV) which promises flexibility, agility and significant CapEx and Opex reduction as a fully virtualized network is rolled out.

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Mobile network operators need to deliver a premium customer experience to ensure loyalty as well as attract new subscribers. In many countries, wireless customer experience results are measured and published, putting constant pressure on measuring and improving performance.

Citrix has more than 10 years of experience in optimizing traffic to improve customer experience. The Citrix ADC solution can also manage video traffic even when it is encrypted. With Citrix Networking TCP and encrypted video optimization, you can achieve significantly faster video start-times, webpage load times and increased throughput. This dramatically improves the customer experience, increasing loyalty and reducing churn. You can also launch brand new types of video services for your customers, secure in the knowledge that you can manage the traffic and ensure their profitability.

In order to virtualize and orchestrate your network, critical network functions must be available on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, and integrate seamlessly with orchestration software.

You can deploy Citrix ADC mobile services on COTS hardware right now. A single virtual instance can achieve 100Gbps performance and multiple terabit levels of performance can be achieved through clustering. Carrier-grade high availability (HA) and Pay-as-You-Grow licensing complete the picture.

If you are not ready to go virtual today, you can deploy on Citrix ADC carrier-grade T1000 physical appliances and seamlessly migrate to a virtual appliance in the future. Citrix ADC services are exactly the same whether they are consolidated on a dedicated appliance or deployed as virtual network functions (VNF).

For orchestration, the Citrix Application Delivery Management provides management, orchestration and visibility to Citrix ADC mobile services. Citrix Application Delivery Management is a powerful Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) manager and provides the same interface to orchestration systems, independently of how Citrix ADC services are deployed. This gives you complete investment protection and provides a seamless migration path to NFV.

DNS translates fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) used by customers and applications into IP addresses. The need for DNS is growing rapidly but security threats are also growing and evolving. When DNS isn’t working, neither is your network, so it is critical to ensure the service is protected and uptime is assured.

Citrix ADC provides a rich set of DNS functionality, acting as an authoritative domain name server (ADNS) as well as providing load-balancing and caching. In terms of DNS security, Citrix ADC supports DNSSEC and can protect against a number of service specific attacks such as DDoS, DNS Poisoning and others.

Carrier-grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT or CGN) or Large Scale NAT is a critical network function which allows you to preserve IPv4 investments and manage the migration to IPv6.

Citrix ADC provides a full function CGNAT service which can be deployed  as a virtual network function on COTS hardware or consolidated with other network services on a carrier-grade appliance.

There is an urgent need to simplify the network in order to optimize performance, inject flexibility and accommodate growth.

In addition to TCP optimization, video optimization, DNS services, and CGNAT, Citrix ADC also provides content filtering, DDoS prevention, service-chaining and a range of Application Delivery Controller (ADC) services. And of course, all these services can be deployed, managed and orchestrated in a consistent way by Citrix Application Delivery Management, whether they are deployed on appliances or as virtual network functions.  

Citrix ADC and Citrix Application Delivery Management
for Mobile Operators

  • Full set of services/VNFs (TCP Optimization, CGNAT, Video optimization, traffic steering, DNS caching, Load balancing, DDoS prevention)
  • Completely NFV and SDN-ready
  • Best price to performance ratio whether deployed as a physical appliance or as a set of virtual network functions
  • Seamless migration from physical to hybrid to virtual
  • Fully integrated with orchestration systems
  • Unique functionality for optimization of Adaptive Bit-Rate video, even when encrypted


Adaptive bit rate optimization

See how Citrix Adaptive Bit Rate Optimization addresses the problems of ABR in a mobile environment.


Encrypted video optimization 

Improve the customer experience even when traffic is encrypted.


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