XenApp and XenDesktop Service

Provide secure access to Windows, Linux, Web or SaaS apps and desktops from any device.

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A secure application and desktop virtualization solution for the digital workspace  

XenApp and XenDesktop Service secures the delivery of Windows, Linux, Web or SaaS applications and desktops to any device, empowering today’s modern digital workspace.

Exclusively available as a hybrid solution, it allows you to choose the workload deployment option that best aligns with your enterprise cloud strategy. Powered by Citrix Cloud, the XenApp and XenDesktop Service offers the quickest way to deploy a fully featured app and desktop virtualization solution.

Key benefits of XenApp and XenDesktop Service

Choose the cloud provider or virtualization platform that best meets your deployment needs

Manage apps and desktops centrally across multiple geographies and resource locations

Reduce costs with infrastructure managed and monitored by Citrix

Speed app and desktop deployment and time-to-production value

Easily integrate with other Citrix Cloud services to provide complete secure digital workspaces

XenApp and XenDesktop Service gives you:

  • Flexible architecture that allows you to freely choose to deploy workloads into any data center, public cloud or hybrid solution.
  • Complete IT control on where the sensitive data is processed and stored.
  • Faster deployment times with the management back end build and hosted by Citrix.
  • Instant access to new productivity features as they become available.
  • A superior, high-performance user experience with virtual applications and desktops on any device, over any connection.
  • Reduced security risk by keeping data centralized in the data center behind a robust, context-aware policy engine.
  • A rich set of virtualization capabilities designed to meet the rapidly changing app and desktop needs of a modern digital workspace.

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Through June 29, 2018, Citrix is offering a 100 user/device XenApp and XenDesktop Service subscription at 50% of SRP.

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XenApp and XenDesktop Service is the fastest, easiest way to deploy Citrix industry-leading app and desktop virtualization technology.