Assessing the business value of VDI in the public cloud

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a powerful, scalable cloud solution that enables you to provide secure, fully personalized desktops for as many users as you need. Instantly—all while lightening the load on IT.

But the power of VDI isn’t just that it provides digital workspaces around the globe. According to a new independent study from IDC, it also brings cost savings of 55% on average. For some, it’s even more.

To see how you can cut costs, free up IT resources, and empower users, download the IDC report, "Assessing the Business Value of VDI in the Public Cloud". Based on responses of 100 surveyed companies over the last three years, you’ll learn:

  • The average annual benefits per user of cloud VDI compared to on-premise
  • Six ways that cloud VDI can generate value through higher productivity and revenue
  • How security value can increase through the use of VDI
  • Essential guidance for migration and challenges to be aware of

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