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Transform your service provider business with Citrix solutions

To ensure future success, service providers must find ways to support mass scale at a dramatically lower cost per unit of capacity. With Citrix custom designed solutions, service providers can transform their business, seize new business opportunities, lower their cost structure and prepare for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

NetScaler solutions for service providers

Citrix NetScaler is the networking solution of choice for service providers—in the core network and in the data center, and for powering service provider offerings for enterprise customers. NetScaler is an easy-to-install, high performance virtual software product that delivers a range of critical networking functions. Any of these services can be deployed in physical, virtual, or containerized environments, and easily orchestrated and automated as you transform your network.

More and more emphasis is being placed on wireless customer experience. Encrypted traffic is reaching very high penetration levels in all regions. Both HTTPS and Quick UDP Internet Connection (QUIC) traffic have seen rapid growth in video delivery, making it more difficult for mobile operators to improve the customer experience on their networks with traditional tools.

NetScaler TCP Optimization

TCP optimization on NetScaler can improve download speeds significantly and in addition, NetScaler can also identify and optimize encrypted Adaptive Bit Rate Video traffic running over TCP or QUIC. These techniques have the potential to reduce bandwidth usage by up to 50% and at the same time have been proven to drive significant improvements in mobile customer experience.

This allows service providers to regain control of the mobile customer experience. You can defend and grow the top line by reducing churn and launching new services.

NetScaler has a full-featured CGNAT service, DNS services, content filtering and traffic steering. These services are available as software, which can be deployed as Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) in a virtualized environment or consolidated on high-performance carrier-grade T1000 appliances. Together, these features allow consolidation and virtualization of the services in the Gi-LAN and can be seamlessly managed and orchestrated with NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NetScaler MAS).

Netscaler can save costs and transform your network in two ways:

  1. You can consolidate a number of networking services traditionally delivered by separate appliances into a single software product with consistent management and orchestration.
  2. The NetScaler Gateway software is fully integrated in NFV and SDN environments and can run on COTS hardware or any cloud. It can even run on docker containers.

In the NFV environment NetScaler MAS plays the role of an NFV manager and has specific features to allow the management and orchestration of NetScaler services.

The demands on the service provider data center have never been higher. Applications must be delivered securely to any device and any location for customers and employees. At the same time, the data center is being transformed to embrace orchestration and the hybrid cloud, and security threats are evolving quickly.

There’s a reason NetScaler ADC is deployed in thousands of enterprise networks - it features industry-leading capabilities like advanced L4-7 load balancing and GSLB, on-demand scalability, and integrated app intelligence to seamlessly meet evolving business needs. In fact, NetScaler ADC offers up to five times the performance of our closest competitor.

With increased data consumption in today’s mobilized business world, supporting higher workload volumes is a growing challenge for traditional data centers. Citrix makes it practical and possible to support higher workloads with fewer data centers and less network infrastructure, by using consolidation technologies.

NetScaler powers the world’s biggest clouds and is well suited to service providers who are looking to provide enhanced cloud, hosting and communication services to their enterprise customers.

If you are a service provider, NetScaler can power your as-a-service offerings such as NetScaler SD-WAN, NetScaler Unified Gateway and NetScaler App Firewall. NetScaler can also ensure the secure delivery of VDI and other corporate applications you deliver as a service to your customers.

NetScaler provides flexible and dynamic deployment options especially designed for service-providers, including the highest performance virtualized offering on the market (VPX), a container based version (CPX) and the multi-tenancy NetScaler SDX. NetScaler also integrates with hybrid cloud environments.

NetScaler MAS provides multi-tenant visibility to your customers, orchestration integration as well as powerful analytics to troubleshoot issues and add more value to your customer relationships. Finally, Citrix provides flexible and scalable licensing models designed to fit the service-provider business model.